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Welcome to The Wicked Group
Your Premier Partner for Authentic Memorabilia and Comprehensive Fundraising Solutions

Are you seeking to take your fundraising event to new heights? Look no further! Wicked is your all-inclusive solution for unforgettable fundraising experiences.

At Wicked, we don't just offer authentic memorabilia; we provide a complete suite of services tailored to meet all your fundraising needs. With almost 30 years of experience, we've mastered the art of elevating events across Australia, making us the trusted choice for charities and organisations nationwide.



"Our annual fundraising event would not have been a success without Steve's expertise on all things fundraising, including organising auctioneers, ticket sellers and outstanding memorabilia and prizes. We made thousands of extra dollars with his support without having to outlay any cost."
- Peter Clout, Cronulla Baseball Club


"I have worked in events for over 16 years now, and it's very rare that I meet someone as hard-working, thoughtful and trustworthy as Steve Yerbury. He really cares about his clients and puts the needs of the charities first. We have worked on many events together and I've seen Steve's genius at work - from his clever and creative auction items that people actually want to buy, to his risk-free options for charities with a tighter budget, his results speak volumes and have always blown me away. For all your fundraising needs, I can highly recommend Steve above anyone."
- Jackson Aces

Our Services

Authentic Memorabilia
Delve into our curated collection of authentic memorabilia spanning the realms of music, movies, and sports. From signed guitars to iconic jerseys, our unique selection is sure to captivate your audience and drive up bids.

Silent Auction Solutions
Simplify the bidding process with our silent auction bid sheets or booklets, meticulously designed to maximize engagement and bids.

Mobile Online Bidding
Revolutionise your fundraising experience with our cutting-edge mobile online bidding platform. Allow guests to bid from anywhere, receive real-time alerts, and make secure payments directly from their devices. Trusted by over 4,000 events worldwide, our mobile bidding ensures seamless participation and heightened excitement.

Auction Items on Consignment
Expand your fundraising horizons with our diverse range of auction items on consignment. From luxurious holidays to captivating experiences, exquisite art, and of course, memorabilia, we offer a treasure trove of possibilities to enthrall your guests and boost fundraising potential.

Expert Event Support
Rely on our team of seasoned professionals to enhance your event with guest speakers, live auctioneers, MCs, and custom framing services. With our expert guidance, you can orchestrate a seamless event that leaves a lasting impression.



"I have personally known Steve Yerbury for over 20 years & he has always been the "go to guy" for fundraising & memorabilia for any events that I have been involved with. He i san honest & reliable person that I will keep on using for all of my charity fundraisers."
- Troy Bosden, Director, Select Sports Management

Why Choose Wicked Memorabilia for Your Fundraising Needs?

Wicked is proud to provide a seamless experience from start to finish, where every detail from item procurement to event management is expertly handled.

Our risk-free partnership model means that all items are on consignment, eliminating any financial risk or cost to our services. Moreover, rest assured that 100% of donated items are returned to charity, empowering you to make a meaningful impact without bearing any financial burden.

With decades of industry expertise, our team stands ready to provide unmatched guidance and support, working alongside you to achieve your fundraising goals efficiently and effectively.




Ready To Elevate Your Fundraiser?

Discover the difference with Wicked and transform your next fundraising event into an extraordinary success. Schedule a consultation today and let us tailor a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Don't settle for ordinary. Choose Wicked and make your fundraising event truly memorable!



"I have known & worked with Steve Yerbury for over 10 years. Steve is a true professional and provides a high quality fundraising & memorabilia service. Steve is an honest & trustworthy person. I would not hesitate to use Steve for future events."
- Adam Danielson CA, Yates Baker Mclean